Ultracon in South Florida 2019!!!

One of the fun things about collecting [for me anyway] is nerding out at cons…  especially when they’ve got a plethora of stuff you’re gonna go broke spending on.  April 12-14th, Florida is gonna be the place you’re gonna want to be for Ultracon!

Amongst the many guests scheduled to appear, guess who they’ve got coming!?  The man himself Ron Rudat!  For those unfamiliar with this legend, to put it simply, Ron Rudat was the figure designer for Hasbro’s Real American hero line between 1982 and 1986.  Get more info on Ron at YoJoe.com.

If anyone makes their way to this show…  let me know and post pics!  We can live vicariously through you!

Get all the info for Ultracon at www.ultraconofsouthflorida.com.

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