Ok… YES!!! Ice-T – POWER!!! THAT IS CORRECT KIDS… prior to being known as “Detective Whos-a-ma-whats-it”… T was (AND STILL IS) one of the best M.C.’s to touch a mic…

So here we are… With the INFAMOUS cover featuring T’s now EX-wife, Darlene. Great GOD ALMIGHTY did I (and STILL DO) love this cover!!! We love you Darlene!!! OH YEAH… and the album is of course fire too… I mean… it’s ICE F****N T!!!

OH!!! And one more thing… shout out to DJ Evil E… He’s the other guy on the cover that no one really talks about??? Hey bro… if know one loves you… the Stash Arcade Crew loves you carnal.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in


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